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mmmmm this kid is so perfect :) he makes me happier then ever, and i've wanted him to be with me since i met him. . . you stole my heart baby

will slept over last night, we woke up, laid around, i changed a billion times, then we went to hot topic, gauged my ear to a 7/16, picked up Dallas!!! (my baby), we went to keegans *freddie & weston were there*, some trailer park fights (scared me and dallas), then went home with will. . .and.. we. .took a nap ;), then i took will home, came home, and now im talking to chris online and he's making me jealous as shit! you bastard!! i still love you though =) and that was my exciting day!!! woo ohh yeah i got my gauges today in the mail. . .12 mm thru 3/4 . .mmm all i ask is for my ears not to rip!. .oh yeah and i also got Ali & Tommy's engagement announcement thingie in the mail, cutest picture i'm jealous


p.s.- i think Will liked is present . .he wears it everyday
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