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You are "Bowl of Oranges". You see life
to more than what most people do and you
genuinely care about people. You feel art and
music is the sure way of lifting your spirits.
You wish others could have appreciation like
you do, but, unfortunately, you are probably
the only one.

Which BRIGHT EYES song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

im tired as fuck, satisfied and upset. i met my mom at the millenium mall today and we went shopping i bought a few cute clothes and a really pretty white leather jacket with furrrr haha and and and i bought a rainbow chair and some other cool shit. i came home packed 90 percent of my shit...and attempted on dying my hair all blonde. . . didnt turn out really well, actually didn't turn out good at all. you know when you try bleaching your hair and it turns out orange. .well...thats what happened to me..and im so fucking upset about that you have no idea, my blonde pieces got like platinum and everything else turned orange, so when i go back down im making someone take all the orangey pieces and making them pink..any vulenteers - goddamn i dont know how to spell. . . .

great have to wake up super early tomorrow to put my shit in the down...unpack...go to BCC...sign up....and take like a long ass placement test. CANT FUCKING WAIT...hopefully ill get to see my baby though I MISS YOU

xoxo muahs xoxo
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