Tracy (prettytears) wrote,

Fort Liquordale here i AMMM

Okay so me and Nicole drove down to Fort Lauderdale last night. I didn't really tell anyone, except James because i didnt have a chance to see him last time i was here. So we went straight to James' house and hung out with him and Will, and then Nicole dropped the three of us back at my house and they slept over. I miss those guys sooo much!! *heart,heart* and then today me james and nicole went to Western to see some people and i saw DALLAS and Freddie and Hannah and a couple other people, and then after we went to the Broward Mall and met up with Freddie. Dropped freddie and james off at freddies and then will came home with me and back to freddies we went. . .i want will to sleep over tonight but he can't bcuz dads not going to work tomorrow errr. Anyway nicole just came over and we're probably going to go pick up Will right now and then go visit Adrian cuz she wants to come play with me haha!!! whoooa homie what a boring ass entry!!! i still want to hang out with a lot more people while im here!!! like ali and ramos and kristin im going to call them up tonight or tomorrow! and if i cant call you its because my phones a POS and call me and leave a message. buh bye xoxo

oh yeah PS i gotta a new tat and its extra sexy
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you have to hang out with ana and stephanie

umm i LOVE you !? it was great seeing you today and we're definately hanging out. shout me a holler. love u much <33
it was good seeing you <3