Tracy (prettytears) wrote,

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How can anyone love me, when all i do is loathe myself?

feeling helpless to change myself,

i never used to be this way.

 Life fast and to die young

 i'll be buried by the age of twenty fucking one.

i look in the mirror just to hate what i see,

 the type of person that i could never imagine to be.

 Wake-up every morning with the same thought on my mind,

Which substance to take today so i don't have to face reality,

 it's so much easier to live this life.


 Puking,cutting,swallowing,snorting,fucking,stealing, and fighting,

 I used to have so many different views, i used to have morals and goals.

 But now i dig myself deeper and deeper into this hole,

i'm never going to  change.


And no this isn't a poem, i'm just putting my thoughts into words.


xoxo *mUaHz* xoxo

<3 Tracy

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