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How can anyone love me, when all i do is loathe myself?

feeling helpless to change myself,

i never used to be this way.

 Life fast and to die young

 i'll be buried by the age of twenty fucking one.

i look in the mirror just to hate what i see,

 the type of person that i could never imagine to be.

 Wake-up every morning with the same thought on my mind,

Which substance to take today so i don't have to face reality,

 it's so much easier to live this life.


 Puking,cutting,swallowing,snorting,fucking,stealing, and fighting,

 I used to have so many different views, i used to have morals and goals.

 But now i dig myself deeper and deeper into this hole,

i'm never going to  change.


And no this isn't a poem, i'm just putting my thoughts into words.


xoxo *mUaHz* xoxo

<3 Tracy

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hey Tracy! DITTO!!!! This is my live journal. I have one. If u dont mind, i'm gonna add u.
i don't understand why you always feel this way or what the deal is if you need some one to talk to about stuff call me or im me i'm always here
Al that i read. And all i saw was this..."i'm never going to change." You'll never change because your not wanting to. So if you want to help yourself...want to change.
tracy i hope youre feeling better , im always here if you need to talk or anytihng ... feel free to call me