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stumble around the neighborhood
with nothing to do
you're always looking for something
*sniff*, *smoke*, or *swallow*
calling over next door to see what they got
but you would settle for anything
that would make your brain
slow down

hmm the past few days have been interesting. the day before halloween i got drunk and me nicole steve brian sean rima and mary went to my brothers costume party, i had a lot of fun, esp seeing steve dressed up as a girl!

pictures drunk before the costume party. . .
title or description
title or description


halloween my mom came up and threatened to send me to rehab but she cant make me so to piss her off i got my septum pierced again and so that night me nicole rima mary went to some tripple kegger. then we met up with some high school kids on the street and scared them and then we went back to the kegger, lost the car keys, FINALLY found them, and then the car wouldnt start, so we had to get a ride home from a car full of drunk niggers and almost died on the way home, then we met up with jesse *who had lots of bars* and all them and finally got back at the house at 4 in the morning and jesse slept over, halloween wasnt that great...
pictures from halloween of me nicole rima mary scuba brian and sean

title or description
title or description
title or description

then yesterday i went to the pub with mary rima and met up with jesse jeff ken kyle richard and the rest of their crew, and i swore up and down i wouldnt drink...but..then it happened..all of a sudden i take one shot and then that turns its 19 shots WOO i was drunk and then we went back to richards apt and hung out there until like 3 and then we all went home and puked a lot.


today i went to my therapist and im being evaluated next week for bipolar disorder! awesome! and then went to lunch with my family, came home, slept, and went to see 'SAW' with nicole and it was the shit times like a million, and then i cleaned out my car at the taco bell line and ate a whole bunch of food, and now im talking to ali online and i miss her a bunch times a million and three!

this entry sucks, sorry

xoxo *MuAhZ* xoxo

<3 TraCy tReE

p.s. * i have a crush on a boooy! and his name starts with a J and ends with an E!<3333
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