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just to think if i didnt take will to the hospital he'd probably be dead. i'm so worried right now i've been crying. i was there from 2-9:30 and i wanted to stay it was so hard leaving him just to see him scream and cry. please be strong baby everything will be okay. please god make everything be okay. i cant say everything that happened today, i just cant talk about it now. i love you baby so much. SO much. Everything will be okay and we'll get engaged and married soon just like everything was planned. your my life. ill come see u first thing when i wake up. i need to take more sleeping pills so i can be able to sleep and have the strength to go there tomorrow. I love you!!!!

xo*ox Tracy xo*ox

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please i just want someone to hold me right now, that's all i want. . .just hold me. everything will just be a nightmare. hold me.
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