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my new taxi. . . .

thursday and today was awesome!!! thursday = bright eyes!!! It was so amazing! i went with will and adrienne, and saw dallas and stephanie <3333 Seeing them live made me have enen more respect for the band. seriously fucking amazing alcoholic!!

yesterday i went to starbucks with will and met up with emi,chico,madison, star, and james! God how i love starbucks!!! i miss hanging out with emi, tis okay we had our late night emi and tracy girl talks so it made up for it.

annnnd today my daddy took me to Sawgrass Ford, fuck yeah!!! i was going to get a black 2005 mustang BUT, they had a Yellow 2005 mustang with the TOP edition (have to special order and since its backed up it takes like 6 months to get them.) Well they had ONE because someone specially ordered it and then decided on wanting the GT. So yep 2005 Mustang in yellow is my new baby!!! it's a lot faster then my other one and the interior is fucking gorgeous, it drives fucking amazing, the stereo is fucking awesome, and you can change the dashboard colors!! and the whole mustang is all redesigned so it's a much better car all around! and i'm all happy cuz i never saw the 05 mustang on the road in yelllllow yet, so yay! i love my baby!!!!!!

xo*ox Tracy xo*ox
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