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the partys in the parking lot!

I missssed Jamie so much, for serious man! i think we attempted to go to like what? 2 or 3 parties haha got to love them cops! whatever though i had more fun in the parking lot with jamie and her friend gabby then any kegger!! i love jamie, shes, unlike most of the people i know, R-E-A-L haha. We have to hang out more!!! so all in all i really didnt do much tonight. the mall to drop off will, then to the parking lots with jamie and gabby!! l0l, then once i got out of her car i realized my whole ass was soaked fucking water in the backseat.

I havent updated this shit in like a month, the only things that really happened was Will moved into her for now, and started classes for his GED yay! I started B.C.C like the beginning of the month and all i've been constantly doing is homework woop woop , starbucks like whoa, and parking lot parties with people! woop

p.s.- Jamie i'm going to get you a belated prezzie. i didnt know it was your birthday!!! hapy bday anyway

xo*ox Tracy xo*ox
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We need to hang out. Ive been so miserable lately, it's horrible. I hate it. :(

♥ miss you
hey hey hey there buddy you better add me bak! =)

do i know you?
whattabout my birthday
marley fest is comin up

we can celebrate that as like, our anniversary or something
I missed you too!!!!i had alot of fun!we need to hang out soon!